What Happens at Church


Most people arrive at church about 15 minutes before we begin. At the door, visitors will be welcomed and will be handed a prayer news, a sermon outline and, if it’s their first time, a welcome pack. Bibles are also available if needed. We mostly use the New King James version.

Visitors should feel free to make themselves at home and sit anywhere they feel comfortable.

Worship Service

Our worship service begins at 11.00am and runs for approximately 75 minutes. During this time, we worship God by singing together, praying together, and studying the Bible together. We have a strong focus on biblical preaching, and approximately half our time is spent working through a particular book of the Bible. We sing a mixture of traditional and modern songs using prerecorded MP3 backing tracks.

An offering may also be taken up during the service, but visitors are certainly NOT expected to contribute.


An important part of our Sunday programme, is spending time together over a shared lunch. This gives us a great opportunity to build existing relationships and to establish new ones. Everyone is welcome to stay! (Note: In these COVID-19 times, for the present we are having picnic lunches together in one of Wangaratta’s many parks instead.)

Kid’s Church

During school terms we have a Kid’s Church programme (Sunday school) that runs from 10.00am to 10.35am. All primary age children are welcome!

Adults Programme

On the second Sunday of each month we have a prayer meeting in which we pray specifically for a revival of the love of God in Wangaratta, Australia and around the world. Like Kid’s Church, this takes place from 10.00am till 10.35am. Visitors are more than welcome to stay.

On the fourth Sunday each month we celebrate the Lord’s Supper. This also takes place at 10.00am. For more information about participating in this sacrament please click here.

Young Children

At GCC, we welcome young children to our church services and events. Their presence is a reminder to us of the Lord’s many blessings. We would like for them to feel at home in our little house of worship, and we know that the way in which we welcome them will directly affect the way in which they respond to the Church, to God, and to one another.

We encourage you to sit where your little ones can see and hear what is going on up the front (they tire of looking at the backs of others’ heads!). Quietly explain the parts of our worship; sing the hymns and pray with us. Children come to understand ‘worship’ by watching and copying your example. Feel free to step out with your child if you need to, but please come back….as Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me”!

You are also most welcome to utilise our creche (for children aged 1-5yrs) during the sermon if this suits you.