GCC History

Because we seek to take the Bible seriously, our history is ultimately rooted in the teaching of the Prophets and Apostles of the Old and New Testaments. Together with the words of the Lord Jesus Christ recorded in the Bible, these provide the historical genesis of our faith shared in common with millions of Christians throughout the world.

As indicated above, we are also a ‘Reformed’ Christian church. This means we are gladly identified with the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century which was a powerful revival of the ancient Christian faith. The Reformation was a history-changing rediscovery of the truths proclaimed by the Apostles, Prophets and the Lord Jesus Himself after being largely concealed for centuries by the Roman Catholic system.

The Presbyterian Reformed Church (PRC) came into existence as a distinct church in 1967 as a result of the need to separate from the Presbyterian Church of Australia (PCA). This was over the issue of the authority and truthfulness of the Bible which were being denied by several influential church leaders. Sadly the church consistently refused to deal with the problem at the time despite the pleas of many faithful members.

Both the PRC and PCA remain as separate churches today. We are, however, thankful for the efforts of a number within the PCA to bring the church back to a greater submission to the Bible. Important differences remain but to the extent that some are laboring to see God’s word be unquestionably obeyed we truly rejoice.