Why Presbyterian?

Although Christ is the one true head of the church, we believe that the Bible teaches that churches should be governed by a body of elders, rather than by a single figure of authority. These elders are elected by the congregation and are responsible for the teaching, direction and health of the church. This structure is known as the Presbyterian form of church government.

Why Reformed?

As a Reformed church, we believe that salvation is


  • by Christ alone
  • by grace alone
  • through faith alone
  • as recorded in the Bible alone


The word “Reformed” comes from the Reformation of the church in the 16th century when God’s people rediscovered these truths in the Bible and consequently left the Roman Catholic Church which had obscured these things.

What’s Our History?

The Presbyterian Reformed Church formed in 1967 as a result of separation from the Presbyterian Church over the issue of the authority and infallibility of the Scriptures. These were being denied by several influential leaders in the Presbyterian Church, and sadly the church refused to deal with the problem, despite the pleas of faithful members.